Tuesday, April 27, 2010

All About Big Brother

Well we are back from our vacation and it was an absolute blast! San Diego was beautiful and a ton of fun. The trip involved a lot of firsts for our family as a whole and also individuals. This post will focus on Big Brother and some of his firsts...

This was not Big Brother's first time on an airplane, but the first time that he was old enough to have his own seat:) We packed him his own little bag pack of goodies, doesn't he look like such a professional traveler...

On our second flight, Big Brother looked out the window and said, "Look Marshmallows" he meant clouds, but how cute is that!

Our first full day in San Diego was spent at Sea World. Big Brother really had no idea what to expect and at first he was a little scared, but he quickly warmed up and by the end of the day he said he wanted to swim with Shamu.

About to pet a starfish

Big Brother's response to the meal we are about to feed the seals

The second day was Disneyland...probably Big Brother's favorite because he got to see, "Lightning Mcqueen!"

The third day was the San Diego Zoo

After the Zoo and dinner, we were on our way back to the hotel to go swimming. Joe asked Big Brother, Do you want to go and get some ice cream?" Big Brother's response, "No, are you kidding me? We have to get to the water!" He is my little comic.

And finally, Big Brother being a BIG Helper! I love him!

I enjoy my son so very much and to watch him while we were on this trip made me so proud to be his mother. Granted he is in his "terrible twos" and some things are more dramatic then they need to be, I still wouldn't trade the ability to spend this time with him for anything in the world. He is my energetic, sweet ham of a child and everyday he amazes me. Thank you Lord for blessing me with him!

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