Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All About Little Sister

Since yesterday's post was about Big Brother and his vacation fun, today's will be about Little Sister. She had a lot of fun as well and much like Big Brother, was a great little traveler. Every flight we received compliments about how well behaved they were.

This is my view from the front seat when I look back to check on my kiddos...

She loved Sea World too :)

Her very first swim, she enjoyed it and was very mad when I made Daddy take her back out because I thought the water was too cold.

She really enjoyed meeting Mickey Mouse. She spent the time grabbing and eating his nose...I wish I could have taken a picture of this, but the photographer had our camera and she didn't snap it (total bummer)

Getting ready to head to the zoo

She had a fun time freaking Daddy out too:) He is afraid of heights and we went up in the Skytram (the buckets that are attached to wires, he swore they were not safe, but what a sport he went up with us anyway). She kept bouncing up and down which he said was going to make us fall off the track...

Totally beat:)

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