Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Finds - Coupons!

First I want to apologize, my last 3 posts have not had any pictures (I know that tends to be pretty boring). I will do a better job next week :)

So yesterday I posted about the gift cards that I found from Hip2Save ("Not Your Grandma's Coupon Site" I love that). That is a great site, but I made the mistake of not reading the guidelines and purchased the $100 for $8 and not realizing that it had a $200 minimum purchase...I hope I didn't steer anyone else that way, I apologize if I did. The good news is that you can get the $25 gift card for only $2 and you in actuality still only paid the normal price for that gift card on their site.

After that, I was in desperate need to redeem myself, so I did some more reading on Hip2Save and decided that with her suggestions, I could make a run to Walgreens. Well I spent $10 and got nearly $50 worth of merchandise! All of which I needed! I felt so much better after that and would encourage you to go to her site and check it out! Watch her videos, she is hilarious and her savings are incredible!

So today's Friday Find...go and stack those Coupons!

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