Sunday, August 29, 2010

100 Piece Mirror, Part III

Well I was super excited that this was going to be my final post on the tutorial of this mirror..."was" being the key word. Wouldn't you know it, that after I had completed all the assembly of the wood, that I would grab the mirror and find a crack! Grrrr, so frustrating, so now I'm in the process of ordering/finding one online.

To view the first two posts of the tutorial you can click here and here.

So after all the pieces had been sanded and stained, I again used the Gorilla Brand Wood Glue and glued the two piece section onto my base. Note that its important to lay this on a flat surface, we chose the garage floor :)

After this dried, we nailed and glued the 1 1/4" inch pieces in between the two piece sections.

At this point, you can touch up any stain that you may have missed before. Then, be amazed at the awesome mirror that you have assembled (well almost :)...

Now, the mirror that I am ordering will cover the nails completely so you won't see them or the slight unproportion in the center! I'm really excited how this turned out and can't wait until I can post the completed project with mirror:)

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