Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And She Returns...

Well after my very long hiatus, I am finally returning to blog world :) I know, I know, control all your excitement. My recovery process is finally allowing me to get back to the normal day to day activities, and I am going to try my hardest to make sure that includes a daily (Monday thru Friday) blog post.

For those of you wanting an update. My thyroid cancer is in remission and my thyroid replacement medication seems to finally be regulated (that was a LONG and grueling process). Now my days can get back to being filled with laughing children, getting messy, and great DIY projects for you!

Here's a few things we have been up to...

Building Marshmallow Sculptures (This is a wonderful craft for a snowy, cold day)

During this process Little Sister was sitting in her high chair enjoying marshmallows. Big Brother thought it was necessary to add "guns" to protect the fortress...notice who they are aimed at :)

We were able to take Big Brother sledding for his very first time! He loved it and even carried his own sled up the big hill without complaining.

Big Brother entered his second derby race.

The finished product...(Daddy and Mommy obviously added some assistance :)

And look who won 3rd place in his division! He was so proud, and he tells everyone Lightning McQueen won the piston cup :)

For those of you who don't know, I'm originally from Wisconsin...that means I'm a HUGE Packer's fan. Was I ever so stoked about the Super Bowl this year and couldn't let my Little Girl celebrate without wearing the proper colors :) I made this tutu for her. You can find lots of free tutorials online for making tutu's...I might post one in the next few weeks. I have a new niece and she might be in the need for something like this :)

Well that's it for today, but here is what is coming up tomorrow...

It's an easy kids craft, so come back tomorrow and check it out!

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