Thursday, April 7, 2011

Friday Finds: Easter Outfit Hunting

So today I realized that Easter is only two weeks away and I haven't even begun to look for Easter outfits for the kiddos. Some of you lucky people are probably thinking, "two weeks, you have plenty of time." Unfortunately I live in a small city (we literally have Walmart and K-mart...that's it), so most of my purchases are on line. I thought I would share some super cute things that I found with you :)

I'm a sucker for shoes for my baby girl. When she was born I bought these adorable shoes from Gracious May.

Unfortunately Little Sister no longer fits into these and she is just about out of the largest size that they come in (sigh). Then I came across this other website that sells adorable shoes in larger sizes! (Thank you Pinterest)

Gorgeous right? Check out Joyfolie...not only do they have cute shoes, but adorable clothes and accessories too!

I wish I could sew, because this dress from Sewing in No Mans Land is absolutely gorgeous!

These dresses on Etsy is super cute too...

And a few things for Big Brother...does anyone else love Children's Place as much as I do?!?! This is my go to shop for all my kids clothes!

What are your kids wearing for Easter? Where do you shop for kids clothes?

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