Monday, June 20, 2011

DIY Pallets...and Big Brother Room Progress

On my way home from work, I noticed a certain something laying next to the dumpster behind one of our little strip malls. It was just what I had been looking for, and if they were by the dumpster, they had to be throwing them away. I could barely contain the excitement when I got home to tell my husband. When I walked in, he could tell by my beaming face that I was up to something. Hesitantly, he asked me, "What?" I simply said, "After supper, could we go pick up something with your truck?"

Again, "What," was his response.

"I found some pallets, and you know how I've been wanting to make Big Brother's headboard out of them?" (I've been designing Big Brothers room after this photo, I love the color scheme and the headboard)

He quickly reminded me that I needed to call and check on them first because "Pallets are worth money, people just don't give them away." (Insert eye roll here) But I knew he was right, so I called and they said YES! So this is what I brought home...

ehhh, not as excited once I got them home. There was a definite reason they were by the dumpster...they were trash. I thought that maybe I could salvage some of the pieces and just rebuild the back. Well that didn't work too well either, so of course I was bummed.

The trooper that hubby is, he said that we could go to Home Depot and pick up some lumber and make our own! (Insert jumping with excitement here). Now I know what you are are moving in a few weeks, why would you make something else that you have to move. Well, truth be told, I'm impatient. (I know, you're surprised) But I also have about a dozen other projects to work on once we move that I thought my evening was better spent working on this headboard now (and also avoided some packing:)

So we headed off to Home Depot. After measuring Big Brothers bed, I decided that I wanted this pallet to be 45" tall and 55" wide to give about an 8" overhang on each side of the bed.

We ended up purchasing 3 1/2 " wide cedar fence boards for 77 cents! Wooohooo! We bought 11 boards and then one 1x2 firring strip (we had another one at home from a previous project).

So then hubby cut the boards down for me to 55" and cut three firring strips to 44". We started to lay them out...

After laying them out, we decided that we wanted a two inch over hang on the side and an once inch over hang on the top to resemble more of a pallet. Then we unevenly spaced the cedar boards across the firring strips. And after a little sanding, she is...okay, probably should be here he is...

Still needs some stain and a little bit of roughing up, but you get the general idea. The boards were actually a little wet from Home Depot, so I couldn't finish it tonight, but of course I had to get a look at it in Big Brothers room before I could call it a night.

So hopefully I'll get to work on it some more tomorrow evening (if I can avoid packing again).

A few other things I have planned for Big Brothers room at the new house is rich and beautiful Blue-Grey Slate from Glidden and this gorgeous bedding from West Elm...

Waiting for a free shipping coupon or for it to go on sale because it's a little rich for my blood :) So there it is, a little progress a little DIY project, hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We Be Making Changes

That's right, lots of changes going on here. Hubby has accepted a new position at a different church, so we are on the move. The move is only a couple of hours away...


We are currently on the house hunt and will post pictures as soon as we find that perfect place! Finding a home is a little more difficult this time around since we have kiddos. With Big Brother getting close to school age, we want to make sure we are in a great area with a great school. When we told Big Brother we would be moving, this is the reaction we got...

He was very concerned at the thought of leaving his home (although he doesn't realize it, this is actually the third home he's lived in since he was born). He wanted to make sure we were going to bring all of his things, like his bed, his light and his blankie :) Oh, if those were the only things we had to worry about. I comforted him and told him that everything would be coming with us and for him not to worry. I also reminded him that he would be going to school, and he cheered right up! (If that would stay the same the rest of his schooling years, oh how lucky I would be :)

So we will be busy here packing and such, I'll try to keep updates as often as I can, but as all my readers know, sometimes life as a mom, pastors wife, and business professional, that's not always possible. Thanks for your patience with me and for sticking around and reading my blog! Talk with you soon!